My friend John

John is just about finished working on a video for a friend. He doesn’t get paid for this. It is a labor of love and wishes that his friend would pay him something for his work. It took just about the whole day to finish this video. He chose to work out of the local Barnes & Noble where it was warm and he had access to free WiFi, coffee, and he could read all the newspapers for free. and he spends it at the local Barnes and Noble. The baristas are kind and let him stay as long as he wants. Plus, he can read all the magazines and books he wants or work on one of his labors of love.
Today, he was working on this 10-minute video of the life of his friend’s daughter, who had a Quinceanera coming up. The video would be shown at the end of the party. He had done all the work of cutting the scenes, picking the pictures, picking the videos, merging the music, creating the titles and merging them all together into one final product. The final step was to do a video rendering to ensure the final product was good enough to show at the birthday party. There will be lots of family, friends and their kids as it is her Quinceanera party and it is the most important day in her short life. All the birthday girl’s friends have been looking forward to it. And, Tom knows the highlight of the evening will be this short video of her life compressed into 10 minutes by her father’s friend, John.

John checked his laptop one more time to make sure it was still working away making all the components into a finished product that shows his expertise. Creating a video of pictures, video, and text requires focus and a good eye for detail. John checks all the background, history, Google documents, and internet databases to ensure he has the right facts and weaves the relevant ones into the storyline. 

His friends always ask him why he doesn’t get a regular job and make enough money to pay for an apartment, utilities, car payment, gas, insurance, food, clothes, etc. but he demurely tells them that he can’t. He knows deep inside, the reason is much more primal. He has a disability and cannot hold down a job. He owes money to the IRS for back taxes, owes money to a lot of people, and he has a lot of unpaid parking tickets. His life is a mess and he needs to continue to stay below the radar.
Otherwise, the jig will be up and the authorities will come after him. He tried to get a job once. I went to the interview process, the tests, the training; only to have the company tell him that his background check had turned up all these things and I’m sorry but we cannot offer you the job.
So, he lives by working enough to keep body and soul together and depending on the kindness of his friends.

Stay tuned to see if John can break free of his shackles and leave this hard life behind.